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Jon James Miller is a published author and prize-winning screenwriter.


Late Associated Press reporter Seth H. Moseley scooped the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping and Hindenburg Disaster, but his favorite story was run-in with Greta Garbo in the Men's room on board the S.S. Gripsholm ocean liner in 1937.

Looking for Garbo is Jon's first novel.

“Hitler was a big fan of mine.  He kept writing and inviting me to come to Germany, and if the war didn’t start when it did, I would have gone and I would have taken a gun out of my purse and shot him, because I am the only person who would not have been searched.”

- Greta Garbo


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Jon's novel, Looking for Garbo, release date: April 23, 2019.

By Blank Slate Press.

Pre-order: Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Bokus (Swedish) / Indiebound




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