Karen Bushkov
Executive Producer
Lego Mindstorms

"It's great to hear that you may be available for work in the future and I'm sure we'll be able to keep you busy...
I know our Creative Director enjoyed working with you and highly recommended you for future projects."


Jules Sherman
Director, Product Design
Olde Thompson

"I have had only positive experiences with Tom. He has an excellent artistic eye in crafting the 3D computer renderings I use for product presentations with our clients: Costco, Walmart, Pier 1, JC Penney, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc...
I know when I give Tom an assignment, he will get it done on time and it will be beautiful!"

Gus Revenaugh
Origin Point, Inc.

"I have relied on Tom for the past 8 years to produce very convincing and successful trial exhibits. Not only is Tom talented at CG and animation, but he's fun, witty, and intelligent. Believe me, this helps when entrenched in those complex and tedious litigation assignments..."


Stephan Adams
Crucian Global Services

"Tom produced an accurate and beautiful 3D rendering for a high profile development project in the US Virgin Islands on very short notice and with minimal schematics to draw upon. His model captivated the media so much that the local newspaper published it on their front page. I enthusiastically endorse Tom's work and intend to use his services again."

Leo Hourvitz
VP Creative Content
Pulse Entertainment

"I was impressed with your modeling and lighting skills...

Thanks Tom, and congratulations on your work...
I especially liked the modeling of the treehouse and the Lego truck; and the interior lighting in the treehouse!"






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