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"What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit."

- John Updike



Although I now call Massachusetts home, I grew up amidst the woods and rural farmlands of Pennsylvania, which lead me on to explore wilder landscapes from the Adirondacks to California and Hawaii.  Trees, mountains, clouds, the color of the sky at twilight and dawn, and my relationship with wild places – these are my inspiration. 

I’ve always felt most at home when alone in the wilderness, and I’ve never been able to resist finding out what lies just beyond a mountain ridge or along the next path.  I try to convey that sense of wanderlust in my landscapes, and to delight the eye and quiet the mind while capturing that moment of solitude when the observer feels connected to the natural world.

Thus, my quilts recall favorite universal images and symbols:  the sun and moon, mountains, birds, seasons and water, mixed with a touch of the whimsical.  Using raw edge appliqué, hand-coloring and machine stitching, each quilt is assembled in layers from cotton, silk, yarn, tulle and occasional small bits of recycled foil. 

A quilter since 1996, I’ve also dabbled in stained glass, silver-smithing, weaving, paper collage, and watercolors, all of which influence my work, as does my interest in hiking and birding. 

My quilts can also be seen at area galleries and craft shows (check out my shows & exhibits for a current listing) and in my online store and blog.



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