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“Elizabeth, as a quilter, you have inspired me in a new way – actually many new ways.  Thank you.” 



Workshops and Demonstrations


Trunk Show - Exploring Nature Through Quilting:  Landscapes, Birds, & Flowers

Small to medium size art quilts, inspired by my travels and love of wilderness.  This talk chronicles my history as a quilter and a summary of my design techniques. Approx. 45 minutes - 1 hour.


Demonstrations - Constructing a Landscape

Watch while I lay out a landscape collage in front of your guild.  Done on an easel, this talk is suitable for groups of up to around 50.  Includes a handout on design concepts, tips, and finishing touches that will make your landscape pop.  1 hour. 



For intermediate quilters, or anyone who is good friends with their sewing machine!

  Landscape Collage:  
  Design a small playful landscape using raw edge applique and free-motion machine stitching. 1 or 2 days.  
  Recycled Garden / Flower Quilt:  
  Create a scrappy collage background with raw edge applique flowers on top. Iris pattern provided or I will help you design a pattern for the flower of your choice. 1 day.  


Special Exhibits: 

Need art for your quilt show or gallery space? I have pieces available!



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